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OIL-BASED CLEANSER - In the present climate, make-up has become heavily pigmented, and far more water proof. The make-up removal process is difficult and often you are left with pigmentation on the skin. Failure to fully remove make-up causes the skin to develop pimples, white heads and black heads. In order to remove make-up gently and effectively, you must melt the make up with an oil-based cleanser.

WATER-BASED CLEANSER - This step is very common; a daily routine of cleansing your skin from the outdoors’ dust and dirt. Simply wash your face with either a cleansing foam, or a cleansing soap and warm water – don’t forget to make enough foam to lather effectively. Beauty tools, such as cleansing sponges or cleansing brushes, allow you to cleanse deeper than using your hands.

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Toner resets the skin’s PH level after washing the face. This helps hydrate the skin after the wash(washing the face rapidly dries out the skin). Soak the cotton pad with toner, and wipe your face very gently with the soaked cotton pads. This step also helps to remove any dust or dirt remaining on the face, despite the wash (towel-drying the face can put dust/dirt back onto the skin).

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It's a lightweight, hydrating liquid, designed to help prepare the skin for moisturiser, post-cleansing. Think of your skin as sponge; once cleansed and dried, a dry sponge cannot easily absorb moisture the way a dam one can. The hydrating layer that primes the skin to best absorb your serums and creams is called the ‘essence’. It is usually thicker and more nourishing than toner (similar texture to water). It contains nourishing, active ingredients, and some also contain a fermented ingredient for Anti-aging. Essence penetrates deeper layers of skin, enhancing the next skin care step.

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Serums & Ampoules

An ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients. It is most effective when used for skin crises such as allergic reactions or acne prone skin. It is also used as a targeted skin problem-solving agent for skin brightening and extreme nourishing for dry skin. 2-3 drops per use is required as part of the skincare regime. It can be applied directly onto the face or mixed with other products (e.g. moisturiser or skin foundation)

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EYE CREAM - This is an important step for anti-aging’ – it slows down your rate of aging. Apply the cream around the eyes using your little finger, tapping very gently on the skin. The skin surrounding your eyes is the most fragile skin on your face. This means it is prone to dryness, noticeable fatigue, and signs of aging. You can repair and potentially even reverse signs of skin aging by developing a thorough skincare routine. Eye cream is formulated into a thick texture full of essential oils and active ingredients that target the skin around the eyes. .

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MOISTURIZER - A moisturizer designed for your skin type creates a barrier that will lock in all the beneficial ingredients you’ve just applied, instead of letting them evaporate out of your skin. Choose the appropriate moisturiser based on your skin type. Apply the moisturiser by gently tapping the skin, allowing sufficient amounts to be absorbed.

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Up to 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. The sun causes a lot of damage to skin, and dries it out. Applying sunscreen is the most important step to take before going out!

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- Step it Up -

These are optional items that don’t have to be part of your daily routine, but can be done a few times a week or whenever you need an extra skincare boost.


Exfoliation helps maintain a smooth and shiny face. Exfoliation does not have to be a part of your daily cleaning routine, but should be done regularly to remove black heads and dead skin cells from the face. However, daily peeling toner, or invisible peeling booster can be a part of the daily routine, as they are a mild exfoliator. Never exceed the recommendations for use on the packaging.

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Sheet Masks

Special, relaxing treatment Very intense, targeted skin care Minimum usage: 1 x per week Maximum usage: 7 x per week (Koreans ) Apply a sheet mask onto clean, dried skin after washing the face, and leave it on the skin for 10-25 minutes (follow mask sheet directions for recommended duration). Do not leave the mask on the skin for more than 30 minutes (unless directions recommend it).

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